28 Nov

I am thinking…

…we will put out at least a 5 song EP / LP in January (yes, 2011). 


Any objections?

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13 Oct


t NAVAR Radio NAVAR Radio

So check this out, we have filled this baby with a TON of studio tracks in no particular order at all.  It plays on shuffle so you can just let it play in the background while you work, study, hang just rock out.    Just click the play button and let it go, you may hear some songs you never have heard before!

Want it popped out into a new window so you can still browse the site?  Click here:  POP OUT NAVAR RADIO

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11 Sep

NAVAR – 2003 UnReleased EP (Remastered)….RELEASED!

IMG 0001 1024x1024 NAVAR   2003 UnReleased EP (Remastered)....RELEASED!

It's been over over 7 years since we locked ourselves in a Buffalo, NY studio for a weekend to record this EP.  We got lots of radio play from it…but we never released it.  You may have gotten to download an MP3 or gotten a burned copy at a show…but here is the actual release…remastered and on iTunes.

2003 Unreleased EP – NAVAR

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11 Aug

A bit more than usual…

None of the usual hype, just saying hi and that I’m posting some songs on our FACEBOOK page. ┬áCome over and “like” us…if you haven’t already.


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18 Jul

We Ain’t Dead Yet…..

It's true, maybe there's more to say…

V We Aint Dead Yet.....

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